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Are Your Profile Cylinder Locks Working Properly?

plano-locksmith-pros-profile-cylinder-locks-servicesWhen standard security does not provide you with the peace of mind you need, profile cylinder locks will do the trick. However, they do have a shelf life just like any other lock-and-key system. Therefore, you might need to have them maintained or replaced by Plano Locksmith Pros. We are your local experts for all types of lock services for your home or business.

Save More With The Plano Texas Locksmith Pros Advantage

There are so many benefits you receive when you request our commercial and residential locksmith services. For one, we always make sure we are attentive to your needs. Calling us also benefits you in other ways:


We offer 24-hour emergency locksmith services for both businesses and homes.


Our technicians are licensed, bonded and insured.


All our local locksmith professionals respond in 30 minutes or less.


We provide maintenance, repair, replacement and installation.


All lock types are serviced including cylinder locks and deadbolts.


We guarantee fair and upfront pricing on every job.


Friendly technicians with 5+ years of experience.

And we don’t stop there!

We are looking forward to your call. Our well-trained mobile teams have the tools, equipment and experience you need to get any type of job done quickly and efficiently. Furthermore, we offer assistance to customers who need emergency residential or commercial locksmith services any time of the day or night.

What’s The Big Deal About Profile Cylinder Locks Anyway?

Like most people, you’re probably not sure exactly what profile cylinder locks are.

To start with…

This kind of lock is modeled after simple locking mechanisms that existed as early as 4000 B.C. Today’s cylinder locks, in fact, operate using similar principles as pin tumbler locks. The door is unlocked as the key is inserted into the deadbolt, and this action causes a pin lifting. This pulls the deadbolt out of the lock as the key is removed, and then the door is opened.

A Brief History Of Cylinder Locks

More complicated pin tumbler locks were then produced in the early 1800s after the advancement of double-acting pin tumbler systems. The technology of it has been updated many times since, and this system of securing and unsecuring doors was later transferred into the production of cylinder locks.

The Security Of Today’s Cylinder Locks

Nowadays, cylinder locks are considered to be among the most secure types on the market. Their streamlined construction makes them nearly impossible to pick or manipulate. Therefore, they can provide a greater peace of mind than standard doorknob lock-and-key systems. Some models have protruding ledges that make them even harder to pick, and sometimes they have key pins of varying lengths.

Not only that…

The different pin lengths are the reason why most keys have different cuts. The keys that fit into cylinder locks fit in the keyhole just like a jigsaw puzzle piece. Among all types of locks made before computer chips or keyless systems, cylinder locks are one of the most reliable. They still serve useful purposes on many residential or commercial sites. Therefore, Plano Texas customers still request them.

Getting Out Of The House In Plano

We love to encourage our friends in Plano to get off the couch and get out of the house. If you want more information about profile cylinder locks or anything else for that matter, take the family to the local library in Plano!

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