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The Shocking Truth About How Easy It Is To Get Reliable Lock Rekey Services In Plano

Lost track of spare keys or moved into a new apartment?

These are just a couple reasons to consider taking advantage of the affordable lock rekey solutions available from the experts at Plano Locksmith Pros. We’re your trusted source for 24-hour Lock Service in Plano Texas and surrounding areas.

Get Prompt, Trustworthy Assistance At Any time Of The Day Or Night

We understand the need for urgency when responding to requests for emergency locksmith services. Being local allows us to provide fast assistance, round-the-clock, throughout the Plano area. We’re also licensed, bonded and insured and trained to handle a wide range of residential and commercial locksmith needs. And you won’t have to pay a small fortune for any of our services!

We offer:

  • 30 minute or less response times
  • 24 hour availability from licensed pros
  • Honest pricing and accurate estimates
  • Traditional and high-tech locks
  • Full installation and repair services

The Simple Facts About Lock Rekeys

Rekeying is a process that involves changing internal lock mechanisms so the lock will work with a new key. This is usually a fairly simple process, although it may take longer with high-tech locks, which tend to be more complex. While commercial locks are often better-equipped for frequent rekeys, any type of lock can be configured to work with a new key or entry code.

Our licensed experts can rekey all types of locks, including:

  • Traditional pin tumbler locks
  • High security locks
  • High-tech home or business locks
  • Mortises
  • Grade 1 security locks
  • Deadbolts

Some Common Situations That Require A Lock Rekey

Lost Keys

The most everyday reason to consider getting new keys is when you’ve lost them. Even if you find them later, there’s no way to know if extra copies were made. Our commercial and residential locksmiths can provide new keys for all type of locks, including vehicle locks.

Frequent Roommates/High Turnovers

Whether you have new roommates on a fairly regular basis or a high turnover rate at your business, it’s not always easy to keep track of who has copies of your keys and whether or not you’ve gotten all copies back. Avoid the guesswork and contact our 24-hour mobile team.

New Apartment

Moving into a new place can be exciting, but there’s also the uncertainty of wondering who may still have keys. After you get settled, give us a call and we’ll be glad to make new keys.

Peace of Mind

You don’t always need a specific reason to consider getting new keys. Anytime you’re not sure who has extra copies, even if you only occasionally give one to a neighbor when out of town, restore your peace of mind and give us a call.

The Surprising Differences Between A Lock Rekey And A Lock Change

While the terms “lock rekey” and “lock change” are sometimes used interchangeably, there is a difference. With a re-key, you will have a new key that will work with the same lock.

On the other hand…

A lock change can include an entirely new lock and accompanying key or wireless entry device along with related hardware.

Whether you need new keys made for your home or business or you’re in need of any of our other services, a commercial or residential locksmith from Plano Locksmith Pros will arrive at your location within 30 minutes. Contact us today for more information or to request immediate emergency locksmith service.

One more thing…

Since we are a local company we are committed to helping our community, and that’s why we want to encourage all of our customers to shop locally. Find out more about buying local in Plano.

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